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Building Envelope Restoration

A building envelope is made up of the windows, doors, walls, foundation, floor, ceiling and roof and acts as the barrier between the conditioned indoor environment and the elements of the outdoor environment; including extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and wind. The building envelope should be constructed to ensure durability and not allow for these external elements to become trapped within the walls, which cause decay and deterioration. Wood framed buildings in Canada are especially susceptible. Working with engineers, consultants, building owners/managers, strata corporations and property owners, Andreas Builder is committed to providing the finest envelope restorations, thereby preventing reoccurrence and providing customer peace-of-mind.



General Building Repair


As part of the ongoing repair and maintenance needs of both commercial and residential buildings, Andreas Builders provides repair and replacement services to address such items as:


Flashing                  Siding                     Windows and Doors                  Caulking/Sealant       

Gutters                    Railings                  Parapet Walls                            Roofing 

Painting                   Drywall                   Decks                                        Concrete

Fencing                   Demolition              General Repairs                        Pressure Washing



Structural Concrete


Water ingress has the ability to damage buildings in a number of ways, including cracks in foundation walls, water pooling in underground parkades, staining or leaking, scaling, flaking, and chipping, any number of which can lead to a structural failure. Andreas Builder has some of the most experienced tradespersons in the concrete repair and restoration industry. Through various techniques, such as urethane injection, installation of waterproof membranes and concrete waterproofing, and surface refinishing, the very best of concrete protection is provided.



Rot Removal and Repair

Building envelope failure can allow the interior framework to become wet and susceptible to deterioration and decomposition. If left unchecked it can result in the structural integrity of the building being compromised. Rot problems are found during the exploratory investigation phase. In extreme cases, the removal of exterior cladding is necessary to determine the full extent of water damage. Once repairs begin it is necessary to remove all cladding (siding or stucco), building paper, sheathing, and possibly even some structural framing to ensure all rot has been removed. The experienced rot teams ensure all rot is removed and the building is restored to “better than new” condition. Andreas Builders offers planned/preventative maintenance programs, custom tailored to meet the long-term repair and maintenance requirements of a building or strata complex. Benefits: Reduction in time investment Expert troubleshooting Reduction in capital expenditures Reduction in emergency repairs Reduction in owner inconvenience and complaints Early detection of major repair Increase accuracy in reserve fund budgeting and planning Increase control of maintenance and repair issues Bottom Line: Lower repair and maintenance costs Increased property value Increased return on investment Increased peace of mind



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